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Development of ultra-fine Tungsten Carbide powders

Recent customer's needs for tungsten carbide powder has required a wide variety of its particle size.
In particular, more finer particle size is requested for cemented carbide tools, ctalysts and fuel cells.
Therefore Japan New Metals has developed ultra-fine size tungsten carbide powder by our particle size control technology. As a result of the development, our lineup of products can cover a wide range of particle size in tungsten carbide powder from ultra-course to fine particle and can meet diverse kinds of requirements.

WC powder grain size control technology

WC powder grain size control technology

WC-F Developed product



Developed product

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Development of tungsten and molybdenum solid solution powder

Our special precision micron level dispersion technology has made possible homogenous solid solution powders without any unevenness. We succeeded in producing more homogenous alloyed powder by applying a heat treatment after homogenously dispersing precursors of tungsten and molybdenum in the systhesis step. These powder has also have high purity and fine particle size, which is expected to use in semiconductor applications that require high reliability.

Conventional solid solution powder


Developed soild solution powder

WC-FX   開発品
WC-FX   開発品

Development of carbonitride powders

Carbonitride powders are used in diverse applications such as the main ingredient for cermet cutting tools and additives for cemented carbide.
In recent years, these powders show promise for a new field such as fuel cells and filler.
We have developed various carbonitride powders to respond to these demands.
The properties of carbonitride powders vary depending on the composition of carbon and nitrogen, on the other hand, in the case of carbonitride solid solution powders which composed of metallic elements like W and Mo, the type of element impacts on its solubility and particle form.
Japan New Metals provides various carbonitride powders with conceivable combinations of elements in response to the needs of customers.

Example of a SEM image

炭窒化物粉末:Ti(C,N)   開発品

Carbonitride powder: Ti (C, N)


Carbonitride solid solution powder: (Ti, W) (C, N)

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Development of heteropoly acids

Heteropoly acid is remarkble material as catalyst because of their stong acidity.
We have not only produced the standard products such as Phospotugstic acid and Tungstosilicic acid also developed mixed coordination type and various types of salts.
The following phosphomolybdic acid cesium achieves high specific surface area that is important for applications of catalyst by high accuracy control of the amount of cesium. We can also produce different HPA that composed of various types of coordination atoms.

>Mixed-coordination type phosphovanado-molybdic acid

Mixed-coordination type phosphovanado-molybdic acid

Phosphomolybdic acid cesium salt

Phosphomolybdic acid cesium salt

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