Ammonium Salt

We are producing various types of ammonium sales employing hydrometallugy technology.


AMT is used as raw material for desulfurization and denitration catalysts.

Ammonium Para Tungstate Powder

Mark Chemical Composition(%)
WO3 Ig.loss N.V.R. Fe Mo
APW-80 88.00~90.00 10.00~12.00 ≦0.010 ≦0.005 ≦0.010

Solution of Ammonium Meta Tungstate

Mark Physical Properties Chemical Composition(%)
solution density(20℃) PH WO3 Fe Mo,Ca Na SO4,Cl
AMT 1.780~1.820 3.00~4.00 49.50~50.50 ≦0.001 各≦0.010 ≦0.020 各≦0.010
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