Environmental Policy

Environmental Principle

JAPAN NEW METALS CO., LTD. manufactures cemented carbide materials, electronics industry materials, dissolving metallurgy materials, chemical materials, and surface hardening materials which are made from rare metals such as tungsten as main raw materials.

We steadily and continuously accomplish global environmental preservation activities as basic principle, namely, through rare metals collecting and refining business, and through supplying high quality products and development products which considered environment, we contribute to global environmental preservation by applying precious resources.

We make an effort to preserve environment by cooperating with management and all employees based on following specific action policies, and contribute to society.

Environmental Policies

  • (1) We acknowledge the impact on environment in our production activities and work towards the prevention of environmental pollution along with the establishment of environmental management system and its continuous improvement.
  • (2) We comply and accept with the environmental laws, regulations and other agreed requirements.
  • (3) We focus on the following matters which may potentially have an impact on the environment in the course of our production activities as we continue to make an effort to preserve the environment.
    i). Reduction of natural resources and energy consumption.
    ii). Reduction of industrial waste emissions.
    iii). Prevention of water, land and underground water contamination.
  • (4) We improve our envirnmental preservation activities through the implementation of the PDCA cycle for the technologically and economically viable environmental purpose and goals.
  • (5) We familiarize all our emplyees with these environmental policies through environmental education and internal PR activities and we also request business partners for their understanding and cooperation.
  • (6) We will disclose these environmental policies only upon external requests.
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