JAPAN NEW METALS CO.,LTD. was established in 1963. It has advanced through working on the development of new materials with a wide variety customers as comprehensive high performance metalic powder manufacture producing tungsten and molybdenum as a core businesses. Based on core technologies such as hydrometallurgy, reduction and carbonization,we have developed and produced non-oxide ceramic precursor powders and high-purity,high-performance powders for electronics and catalysts, hard alloys and raw powders for new ceramics.

Since tungsten is a rare metal and is produced and supplied unevenly by few specific producing countries,we have actively worked on risk dispersion for stable operation through the diversification of raw material sources and the development of tungsten recycle.
In 1997, Akita Plant started operation in charge of smelting process in tungsten manufacturing. We have now succeeded in establishing the only integrated production system in Japan from tungsten ore and scrap to tungsten carbide with a goal of "creating the most state of the art plant in the world backed by the best technology"
We intend to contribute to global environmental preservation and the construction of a recycling-based society through recycling tungsten representing a valuable natural resource.

JAPAN NEW METALS CO.,LTD. celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding on April 1,2013. As a member of the Mitsubishi Materials Group, going forward we will provide the products required for "For People, Society and the Earth" and work on the development of new materials to comply with the demands of the present day.

Toshiyuki Taniuchi

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