Japan New Metals can produce tungsten tri-oxide with over 3N purity , using hydrometallurgical technology.
High purity tungsten tri-oxcide (4N) and single particle type are also available on request.


An additives for optical glass lenses to increase refractive index.
Auxiliary materials in pigments for ceramics.

Tungsten trioxide

Symbol Chemical ingredients %
WO3 Ig.loss N.V.R Fe Mo
WO3-1 ≧99.9 ≦0.60 ≦0.010 ≦0.010 -
WO3-4 ≧99.9 ≦0.35 ≦0.010 ≦0.005 ≦0.010



  • (*1) WO3 is the value with the ignition loss subtraced.
  • (*2) Non-volatle residue (N.V.R) can be described as the amount of selected elements, Al 10ppm or less, Ca 20ppm or less, Mg 10ppm or less, Si 20ppm or less (WO3-1),25ppm or less (WO3-4).
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