Quality Policy

(1) As a leading company, responding to customer needs with "continuous quality improvement"

(2) Get customer's trust with "reliable quality and shining first-class products"

Japan new metals provide rare metals such as tungsten and molybdenum and powder products of non-oxide ceramics such as tungsten carbide for wide applications.
Definitely, "No products value without quality" is equal to "The quality is the company mission", which means this is one of the important items for customer requirement.
Meantime, technological innovation is progressing rapidly, and accurately responding to ever-changing customer needs as a "leading company" is an essential qualification, and it is no exaggeration to say that our responsibilities to achieve customer needs is company's pride.
For that reason, it is important for us to look ahead to this ever changing customer needs precisely and constantly provide "reliable quality" through "continuous improvement".
"Whether it is a wrong quality standard to not know customer needs?", "Will it have a continuous quality system to respond for customer's request?", While dreaming the figure of our walking with customers, "Reliable Quality will provide truth for customers" and Japan new metals believe that both customers and we can be excited by our continuing to provide "products of shining first-class products with the sensitivity".

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