MITSUBISHI MATERIALSCopper & Copper Alloy Business

MITSUBISHI MATERIALSCopper & Copper Alloy Business



Our copper and copper alloy business is supplying our customers with wrought copper products which is fabricated at our two plants by using billets and cakes produced in our two plants including our flagship plant in Sakai.

We produce various products, not only materials itself but ranging from casted materials to fabricated products. Our major fabricated product include "MSP1" and "MAX series" which have extensive track records in automotive sector, and "Ecobrass" which meets the increasing concern from the global society and accompanying regulatory movements to reduce lead usage.


Our copper and copper alloy business had focused on application for electric components of automotive sector and developed "MSP1 18665" in 1984.

Another alloy product, "MAX251 (C64725)", which we had developed in 1990s, is highly regarded as a material for terminal connectors of automobiles and has been securing stable supply globally, through alliance with major brass manufacturers in Europe and North America since 2002.

Recently we have been expanding our global footprint actively, which include establishment of new plant in Quindao, China, which is specially dedicated to lead-free brass alloy "ecobrass", and acquisition of Luvata Group, which has its production and sales operation in 12 locations in 7 countries.We are currently promoting local sourcing to our customers by utilizing our production and sales network in South East Asia and China for the demand in semiconductors, automotive, beverage, industrial equipment and other sectors.

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