MITSUBISHI MATERIALSCopper & Copper Alloy Business

MITSUBISHI MATERIALSCopper & Copper Alloy Business



Every member of Copper and Copper Alloy Division of Mitsubishi Materials will fulfill corporate duties and play an expected role in the society in a sincere manner, in order to realize our corporate philosophy. It is the mission of our division to enhance mutual understanding through dialogues, by making our business activities information publicly available.

Basic Approach

Companywide Basic Policy on Health and Safety Management

  1. We will carry out health and safety activities based on full participation from all employees, underpinned by leadership and initiative from the President and other managing personnel.
  2. We will ensure that all employees comply with the Industrial Safety and Health Act and other applicable legislation, manuals and operating procedures, and establish a workplace culture whereby everyone follows the rules and ensures that others do too.
  3. We will make every effort to create pleasant workplaces that are healthy for both body and mind, for all employees, through activities aimed at creating open workplaces and promoting health.
  4. We will take preventive measures in accordance with Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare guidelines on the prevention of work-related traffic accidents and improve road etiquette amongst all employees, in order to eliminate traffic accidents based on our commitment to promoting road safety activities as an example to society as a whole.

Safety and health activities

Safety Education and Training Center
Safety instructor patrol scene
Hololite is adopted to ensure the rear safety of fork vehicles